tpolm lazy sunday radiovideo sesssions

19 march 2006 13:00 CET

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live music
  • 13 tpolm dj's (not confirmed)
  • 1430 seaconnect (barcelona)
  • 15 dj darth phader (helsinki)
  • 16 blamstrain (helsinki)
  • 17 sushi brother (gothenburg)
  • 18 dj fibla (barcelona)
  • 19 alex martin (barcelona)
  • 20 max waters (london)
  • 21 proem (austin)

  • live visuals
  • v fiilin v fthr (bcn)
  • v fiilin v fthr (bcn)
  • xplsv (london)
  • xplsv (london)
  • neq (paris)
  • v fiilin v fthr (bcn)
  • v fiilin v fthr (bcn)
  • (helsinki)
  • (helsinki)

  • watch LIVE stream*

    TPOLM lazy sunday radio was born in the year 7000, as live music sessions broadcasted through the internet by electronic musicians in helsinki, finland. Over the years the lazy sunday sessions have evolved into an internet festival, in which musicians from several countries and continents stream music to a global audience from their homes. This session on 19 march, is the first time visual artists will also stream live video to accompany the music.

    At niu (flyer) we gather together to enjoy the broadcast, and see the artists from barcelona perform live.

    * open in WinAmp or mplayer (osx use this). our video is in NSV VP3 AAC format.

    tpolm may or then again may not be reserved for anything.

    any questions?

    audio only: ogg | mp3 | lo-fi mp3

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